What Are Single-Tooth Dental Implants?

What Are Single-Tooth Dental Implants? from Wilson Oral Surgery in Santa Maria, CASingle-tooth dental implants have modernized dentistry, as they offer a permanent solution for replacing a missing tooth in the long term. Single-tooth dental implants can restore your smile and function just like natural teeth. In this review, we discuss what single-tooth dental implants are, how they compare with alternative solutions, and when they are recommended.

Single tooth dental implants: definition, comparisons, and more

Choosing the right type of tooth replacement is difficult. The more information the patient has, the clearer their decision can become. This information should help patients learn more about single-tooth dental implants and determine if treatment is right for them.

Single-tooth dental implants explained

Single-tooth dental implants are a form of tooth replacement that involves a screw-like titanium post (known as the implant) and an abutment that connects the implant and the restoration. Since only a single tooth is replaced, a dental crown is used for the restoration. There are different types of implants, including:

  • Endosteal implants: These are surgically placed within the jawbone for secure tooth replacement.
  • Subperiosteal implants: These are positioned on the jawbone, under the gum tissue, and are suitable for patients with insufficient bone height.
  • Zygomatic implants: These are anchored in the cheekbone for patients with severe jawbone loss.
  • Mini implants: Small implants are used when space or bone density is limited, often for stabilizing dentures.

Single-tooth dental implants vs. multi-teeth dental implants

Single-tooth dental implants and multiple-teeth dental implants involve implants, abutments, and restorations. However, single-tooth dental implants replace individual missing teeth, while multi-tooth dental implants are used to replace multiple adjacent teeth or an entire dental arch with fewer implant posts.

Single-tooth dental implants vs. partial dentures

Single-tooth dental implants are permanent, surgically implanted replacements for individual missing teeth, providing excellent stability and a natural appearance. In contrast, partial dentures are removable dental appliances that replace one or more missing teeth. They may not offer the same level of stability or aesthetics, but they are more affordable and less invasive.

Single-tooth dental implants vs. fixed bridges

Fixed bridges involve attaching artificial teeth to the natural teeth adjacent to the gap, which may require altering healthy teeth but can be a more cost-effective and non-surgical option. However, single-tooth dental implants are preferable if the adjacent teeth are not strong enough to support the fixed bridge.

Signs that indicate single-tooth dental implants are right for you

A patient may need a single-tooth dental implant if they have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth in different sections of the mouth. Implant restorations cost more on average than alternative solutions, but they typically last longer and look and feel natural. The best way to determine if single-tooth dental implants are suitable for a patient is for them to visit a licensed dentist.

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Are you in need of a single tooth replacement?

Single-tooth dental implants are recommended for any patient who wants a long-term solution for a missing tooth. Whether your tooth has naturally fallen out or you have endured dental trauma, we can help. Call us today for more information and to schedule a visit.

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